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2016-01-03 : Since February 1996!

About Sorensen Technologies

Sorensen Technologies was established in February 1996. Since then, we have provided consulting services to the finance, insurance and telecommunications industries, in addition to software development and services to small business. Sorensen Technologies is proud to be a wholly Australian company.

The Managing Director of Sorensen Technologies is Eric Sorensen. Eric has worked in the IT industry since 1987 as a software developer and more recently as a test and quality assurance manager. Eric's areas of knowledge include Visual Basic application development, CICS/COBOL/DB2 mainframe development and specialised software testing and quality assurance.

Caroline Sorensen is also a director of Sorensen Technologies, and is also company secretary. Caroline has been involved in IT systems documentation and testing since 1988.

The most significant general release product to be developed by Sorensen Technologies is Footy Works. Please refer to the Footy Works page for more information about Footy Works.

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