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AFL Data

You can now order AFL data extracts in your choice of file format (CSV, XLS, XLSX, Tab Delimited TXT) and type of data for all seasons. Please select from the options below to order. The data will be sent once payment has been made.

Payment can be made either via direct bank deposit or via PayPal. PayPal payments can be made to info @ Banking details are available upon request.

There are samples available of the data to give you an indication of what will be provided. These sample extracts are available upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes that are made to the data ordered after you have received it (such as when historical research reveals new information) will be provided free of charge for a period of 2 years.

Please enter your details for the order:

Select the season(s) that you would like data for:

(includes players, teams and ladders, round by round)

2021 Data (provided after each round): $150
2020 Data: $15
2019 Data: $15
2018 Data: $15
2017 Data: $15
2016 Data: $15
2015 Data: $15
2014 Data: $15
2013 Data: $15
2012 Data: $15
2011 Data: $15
2010 Data: $15
2009 Data: $15
2008 Data: $15
2007 Data: $15
2006 Data: $15
2005 Data: $15
1995-2004 Data: $120
1985-1994 Data: $120
1965-1984 Data: $200
1945-1964 Data: $200
1897-1944 Data: $400

AFL/VFL Pre-Season Competitions

(Teams and Matches data only - no player data):

1956-2021 Data: $100

Select your preferred file format:
Tab-Delimited Text File (txt)
Comma Separated Values Text File (csv)
Excel 97-2003 Workbook File (xls)
Excel 2007+ Workbook File (xlsx)
Access 97-2003 (mdb) [Additional 10%]
Access 2007+ (accdb) [Additional 10%]

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