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Footy Works

Here are some testimonials received from users of 'Footy Works'.


From Peter Staines:

"Dear Eric, just thought I'd drop you an email on your great program, Footy Works.

I have been a subscriber/customer of Footy Works for the last 5 or so years and as a footy punter, find it to be of great benefit when placing those dreaded footy tips week by week.

What works for me, is to use the prediction (match outcome) on results and use a setting of 5 on the 'team matchups'.

Anything less than a 10 point result to a favourite quite often results in an upset...and is useful in 50-50 games where history also favours a roughie getting up...

I'm so used to using this program, the thought of not being able to have it for each season would be akin to running around in the shower with your clothes just doesn't feel right!

Congratulations on your fine program, Footy Works.

Any serious punters or just footy followers in general would have to seriously have a look at using this program.


Peter Staines
June 5, 2010"

From Luke Tunnecliffe (Channel 9 Match Analyst):

"I have been using the Footy Works product throughout the 2003 season and in such a short space of time it has become an important tool in our commentary box. With Footy Works, almost any commentator's curly question can be answered quickly. Without doubt it is a great addition to any statisticians kit! I have no hesitation in recommending it to any footy enthusiast."

From Kevin Taylor (of FootyStats fame):

"It has taken Eric Sorensen 105 years to develop a new piece of computer software.

Not that Eric himself is that age, but the facts he has moulded have been that long in the making.

The national code of Australian Football blossomed with the formation of the Victorian Football League when they started their competition in 1897, and from small beginnings new interest began.

The statistics that result from almost 12,500 matches played in Australian Football's premier competition (known as the AFL since 1990) are an integral part of how the games are described in the press, on radio and television for the six million-plus fans which attend the games around the nation each year and to the millions of others who have a weekly interest.

Long gone are the days when one of the older journalists in the press room would delve into a bottom draw of his desk and produce a battered exercise book filled with notes entered down the years.

In advance of each week's round of matches, newspapers are filled, as are the mouths of radio and TV commentators, of who-did-what-where-and-when.

Eric Sorensen has spent several years developing a computer program which tells it all.

*Footy Works* for thousands of avid followers of the AFL competition will open every nook and cranny of what has happened in every match across 105 years — scores, quarters, the lowest, the highest, how long, where and when it happened — and the most important factor of all, is that the product can be updated with new information as new seasons evolve.

Built on the Microsoft Windows platform, means that *Footy Works* is available to more than 90 per cent of the world's computer users. The countless numbers of AFL aficionados who cannot live without the knowledge and background to every game will be the first who will see that Sorensen has produced the most valuable statistical tool yet developed for the AFL game.

What I want to know Eric is, where were you 20 years ago, when I needed you?

I am gratified that Eric gave me the opportunity to be a part of testing the final *Footy Works* product and endorse it warmly.


July 14, 2002"

From Martin Windsor-Black:

"Footy Works is a fine mix of footy statistics and the latest technology. The program is easy to use and can provide all stats we want to know, and others we don’t and those we wonder why we wanted to know that! Its great feature is its interactivity by entering the scores of each match as they occur – and then analysing those results within seconds. Eric certainly has created a masterpiece which will be used by all footy statophiles for years to come. I have found it a great source for my contributions to the Footystats Diary."

From N.J. (N.S.W.):

"The database is exceptional. Although I enjoy AFL, my 12 year old son is a real enthusiast who thrives on statistics, so this program is exactly what he was looking for. He spent over 2 hours the other day just looking through the different records."

From J.H. (VIC.):

"I loaded it on to my computer last night, and I was amazed to find the amount of detail in your program. ... What you have done with your program, I could scarcely even imagine to do myself. It is one thing to have all this information, but your program makes it so easy to retrieve data quickly and easily - especially in regards to the statistics part of the program."

From K.B. (W.A.):

"Congratulations on the database, it's fantastic. The inclusion of the player data provides a real 'value-add'. For Dockers fanatics like me, the inclusion of player data from 1995 (1993 Ed.) is exactly what I need for my chronicles. (That's not to say that the remainder isn't great too!)"

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